Last Update :12/22/2009

Brunswick CC Seeks Used Equipment

Brunswick Country Club is a 9 hole 5818 Yd (B), 5532 Yd (W), and 5032
Yd ® Par 70 course with less than one acre of greens. Our equipment is old
and needs replacement. We have had green problems the last four years .
The following equipment is prioritized according to immediate needs.

1 or 2 Flex 21 Walk behind Greens Mowers with Groomers
3 G-Plex II Reels with Groomers and rollers
1 Set of Groomers and rollers to fit a G-Plex II
1 Zero Turn Mower or Outfront Rotary Mower
1 5 or 7 Gang Mower Reel
1 John Deere Gator or Utility Vehicle with Dump
1 Lightweight Fairway Mower for Fringe and Tee Boxes
1 Green Sprayer

Contact Information: Buck Brockwell 434-637-7366 ©  

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