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Harrell's Celebrates 75 Years

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Harrell’s, LLC Celebrating 75 Years!


February 9, 2016 - Lakeland, FL – In August of 1941 Ormond and Lucile Harrell purchased a feed store in downtown Lakeland, Florida. They aspired to provide quality products and friendly, personal service. Seventy-five years and two generations later, Harrell’s maintains the same aspirations through a modified business model.

Today, in addition to being one of the nation’s largest distributors of branded fungicides, herbicides and insecticides, Harrell’s produces top-quality, custom blended fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, specialty liquids, and soil surfactants for the golf course, sports turf, landscape management, horticulture, and specialty agriculture industries.

Harrell’s guarantees stringent quality control procedures, tight manufacturing specifications and careful selection of raw materials for each product that carries the Harrell’s name.  Products are sold all across the United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America, the Middle East and along the Pacific Rim through sales representatives providing personal service in local communities. 

Third generation owner, Jack Harrell, Jr, has grown the privately –held company to an undisputed industry leader serving over 10,000 customers through 18 locations and 300 employees.

Harrell’s aspires to Grow A Better World® through excellence in service, integrity and value. Growth and success aside, the Harrell’s family remains focused on its mission to:

  • Serve, honor and glorify God.
  • Create an environment to empower and invest in our employees.
  • Provide consistent quality products and service through innovative solutions.
  • Create and grow loyal relationships through trust and integrity.
  • Sustain growth through planned expansion.

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